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Comedy. Drama. Family. Three times nominated BAFTA director.

My career began as a runner, worked my way up the ranks to 1st AD. A passion for directing led to a couple of short films which in turn led to breakthrough directing gig on Glan Hafren, a Welsh language medical series fondly known as ‘Casualty on speed’.  Then came Hollyoaks, The Bill and the final series of Dangerfield with Nigel Havers and Idris Elba.

More primetime TV dramas followed:  Hope and Glory (Sir Lenny Henry), A&E (Martin Shaw), two period-drama singles for Julian Fellowes Investigates a Most Mysterious Murder and Richard Herring’s  one-off comedy drama, You Can Choose Your Friends…  I also worked on some iconic, award-winning family shows, lead director on  three seasons of the hugely successful family dramas The Story of Tracy Beaker, Bafta winner The Revenge Files of Alistair Fury and the acclaimed Jaqueline Wilson adaptation of  Hetty Feather. Recent work includes  The Worst Witch for CBBC, ZDF and Netflix US, the closing episodes of Victoria (Jenna Coleman, Tom Hughes)  and latterly Vera (Brenda Blethyn).

As voice director I’ve worked on several video games including Sacred 3, RuneScape and Wonderbook: Book of Potions, and animated shorts for the National Trust.


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