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10 x 30 mins (lead and closing director)

Award wining series based on the book by Jacqueline Wilson.

Delyth directed 5 episodes of series 2, which led to her second Bafta nomination. She then went on to helm series 3 which premiered in the National Film Theatre as one of theBuy Valium Prescription Free of the inaugural  BFI/Radio Times Televison festival 2017.

Producer: David Collier
Exec Producer: Alison Davis

Writers: Helen Blakeman, Emma Reeves, Abby Ajayi, Robin Mukherjee, Joseph Lidster, Victoria Asare-Archer


  • Eva Pope (Silent Witness, Deep Cuts)
  • Nina Wadia (Origin, Bend it Like Beckham)
  • Isobel Clifton
  • Rosalyn Wright (Law and Order, Romans)
  • Anne Mitchell (Widows)
  • Gemma Wheelman (Game of Thrones)
  • Chance Perdomo (Chilling adventures of Sabrina)

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