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Touchpaper TV for BBC1

The Case of the Earl of Errol

1941 Kenya and the privileged Happy Valley set partied as hard as in pre-war times. It was here one night that the Earl of Erroll was shot dead in mysterious circumstances. Julian examines this most infamous murder.

Written by Tina Pepler & Julian Fellowes
Composer: Philip Appleby


  • Josephine Butler
  • David Calder
  • William Scott-Masson
  • Julia St. John
  • John Warnaby
The Case of the Croydon Poisonings

Set in 1929, Julian tells the story of the mysterious deaths of three members of the upper-middle class Sidney family living in suburban Croydon. It was only when Violet Sidney died, the matriarch of the family that suspicions of murder were finally raised.

Written by Julie Dixon & Julian Fellowes
Composer: Philip Appleby


  • Stella Gonet
  • Jean Marsh
  • Richard Lumsden
  • Amanda Root
  • Thomas Sangster
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