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26x11mins CiTV/TVO

Described as a kind of Fawlty Towers for kids, Tati’s Hotel is a UK/Canada co-production for 4-7yr olds.

8 yr old Tati runs a magical hotel with her staff — Mr Snapweazle the concierge, Bopper the backflipping bellboy, Dizzee the dancing chambermaid, Linny the 12 year old handyman, Alexander the talking telephone, a cuckoo who won’t stay in her clock, and Chester the cat who likes to sleep all day.

Writers include: Emma Ko, Othniel Smith, Oli Jeffery, Sian Harries, Gary Parker, Gerard Foster, John Slamma


  • Mya-Aecia Naylor (Cloud Atlas, The Witcher)
  • Elinor Crawley (Submarine, The Vikings)
  • Tom Turner (Ready Player One, Collateral)
  • Yaari Magenheim
  • Jake Raymond (Teenagers)

ClickBuy Valium Prescription Free to view trailer

Guests actors include:

  • Melanie Walters ( Gavin and Stacey)
  • John Pierce Jones (Ironclad, Lucky Break)
  • Ian Bleasdale (Casualty)
  • Pal Aron (The Bill, The Royal Today)
  • Helen Griffin (Getting On, Criminal Justice)

Website: Order Phentermine Pills Online

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