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10 min short

5 Players, 2 Peelers, a bag, drop of blood, and a pile of puke in the Belfast Docks set the scene for this 10minute black comedy about a heist that doesn’t quite go to plan.

Shot as part of The Actors Centre and BBC Talent Boost initiative.

Screened at the Belfast and LA Femme Film Festivals 2011. Selected for Buy Valium Prescription Free September 2012


  • Dearbhail Carr
  • Annette Flynn
  • Lesa Gillespie
  • Alana Kerr
  • Lisa Kirkwood
  • Monica McNally
  • Linda Teehan

Producer: Diane Shorthouse Order Phentermine Pills Online
Writer: Katie Douglas
Composer: Stephen Coates Buy Diazepam In Bulk

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